Embu District

Mt. Kenya—a lone 17,057-foot (5,195-meter) peak jutting out of an expanse of flat grasslands—is stacked with spiraling ecosystems. The mountain’s lower slopes—where the coffee is grown—are surrounded by forests, above which begins a belt of bamboo. Ascending the mountain, the landscape changes over to a timberline forest of small trees and then bushes and hardy grasses. Each zone constitutes its own set of conditions, contributing to the cultivation of beloved coffees, and this returning favorite from the Kangunu washing station is a prime example. It’s a product of farmers working tiny plots of land and hauling their crops to the washing station when the coffee cherries are ripe. Mineral-rich volcanic soil combined with Kangunu’s double-fermentation method has given us a beautifully balanced, vibrantly flavorful cup.

Fully Washed