Microblend No. 21 Coffee

Starbucks Reserve™ Microblend No. 21, named for nature’s golden ratio, was developed first and foremost as an espresso. But much to our delight, it not only stood up to other brew methods—it brought something new and dynamic to each of them. Guatemalan beans give the blend its rich, chocolaty base—a flavor we’ve come to know and love over the years. And by contrasting that character with a wildly complex Kenyan coffee, we’ve landed on a blend at once familiar and vibrant. Pulled as an espresso shot, it is stunning—the decadence and density of the Guatemalan beans mix beautifully with the savory, candied citrus notes of the Kenyan coffee. Perfect as a doppio, it pairs handsomely with steamed milk in your latte. Frankly, we love this blend unconditionally, a harmoniously balanced composition, good for all occasions.


Candied citrus flavors enrobed in dark chocolate.