Chicago Roastery Microblend

There’s just something about Chicago. The Second City, the Windy City. A place where ideas, spontaneity and passion run steady through four strong midwestern seasons. Things happen here. And from four stories up in the dazzling Starbucks Reserve® Roastery Chicago, as Lake Michigan stands watch and sunlight glints off towering buildings along the Magnificent Mile, you sense that this city can make anyone feel at home—a quality masterfully captured in this blend. Boasting bright, sweet notes of honeycomb and jammy berry, Chicago Roastery Microblend is both eclectic and inviting, a full-bodied coffee suited to all seasons. Crafted in partnership with the Chicago Roastery team, you’ll find it only here at the largest Starbucks coffeehouse in the world.


Rose aromatics followed by jammy berry notes and raw honeycomb with a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.

Washed, Semi Washed, Natural (Sun-Dried)